Playing Addiction — That Horrible Drive Home From the Casino

When you have a playing addiction, there is nothing worse than that trip back from the casino. When you are enslaved by playing, there is probably no feeling of lose hope shienslot worse than that. Driving home broke, depressed, guilty, and ashamed with yourself is something that you might understand an advanced passionate casino gambler.

On more occasions than not, you have most likely lost all your money in either the slot machines or any other table game. You more than likely spent more money that you budgeted for, and you’ll have made several trips to the ATM and emptied your bank account.

If you are a serious compulsive gambler, you may have used your credit cards in the ATM or taken out expensive cash advances at the casino cashier. This is when things really start getting from bad to worse.

You are not the only gambler who has done this. More than likely, a majority of those people on the ATM line were also spending more money than they planned on. These are people that may have experienced that same horrible drive home from the casino as you.

Most passionate bettors do not want to leave the casino. The belief is that if you may spend just a bit more money, than you will at least win your money back.

The truth is, however, that most passionate bettors are enslaved by the action and the escape while playing.

Those chemicals in the brain that are triggered while playing, especially on enslaving slot machines, vlt, fruit machines, or pokies are very powerful. When you leave the casino, these powerful chemicals stop, and you can crash emotionally and physically.

Combine this emotional and chemical crash, and the fact that you lost hundreds or thousands of dollars at the casino and you have a recipke for disaster.

It is no wonder that playing addiction has the highest suicide rate of all addictions. It really makes sense when you consider it.

The drive home from the casino is among the most robust, most effective, and vivid feeling that you can remember if you are a casino gambler with a playing addiction.

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