Health Care Quality Service and Patient Satisfaction

It is the degree to how the organization demonstrates its concern for the individual, whether employee usg 4d di bekasi or patient. The employee who experiences cold indifference will transfer it to the patients.

The standard of service may be quite immaterial when you have a captive customer whoever only choice is with your services.


My consulting work brings me in contact with different kinds of industries, because Change Management applies to different types of businesses going through reorganization. Among the industries I have been closely associated with is Health care, thus I was inspired to write of a recent incident.

A week ago I had the opportunity to experience emergency care in one in our local private hospitals. I was the person, so i got a true-life view. As i was placing a mug of hot coffee on the table, it fallen from my hand and poured onto my leg. The result was a very serious burn. Being alone at home at the time, I had to drive to the nearest hospital in spite of the pain.

Fortified with an ice-pack and my insurance documents, I managed to get to the hospital just to find that parking was a major challenge. Once over that hurdle, there was the problem of medical assistance. Appear Nurse Ratchett — spilling out of her uniform and sitting in a highly sexy position, cigarette stuck firmly into her grimly shortened mouth; the sparkle in her eye clearly spelled out: “you’d do not be expecting treatment at this time sibling. inch After convincing her that we did need emergency treatment inspite that I was not shouting with pain (although it was well warranted), she ordered me into a room.

I had to refer to a clean linen for the extender, having personally removed the dirty one, having the records of previous patients. Grudgingly, my request was granted. Unaided, I got onto the extender. At the same time, the medical equivalent of a three-ring circus had melted into my room. The Ring-master, an elderly doctor, in slightly torn uniform, located examine my burn, made it easier for by an intern so fresh that the first-aid manual was literally still sticking out of his coat pocket.

Realizing that there were too many unauthorized eyes in the room, the physician shooed them out and closed the entranceway. Then, Doctor. Fairyfingers got down to the business of attending to the twisted. The twisted was cleaned in a manner that would have brought a grab of covet to the eyes of Toms de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition. As i lay there only half conscious from the pain, I suggested that a pain killer might be appropriate at that time. He asked the type would I like. I responded that she might be more familiar with the menu. As it happened, these were required to go scrounging around the other rooms and discover something suitable.

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