Get a VIN Check Before you Buy That Used car — It’s a Must

The VIN check is an essential section of the used car buying process. If you don’t get one, you risk ending up with a vehicle that can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs VIN check over time. So before you put your name on that title, get that vehicle history report and listen to the real story.

Even when you’re buying a used car from a dealer, you aren’t guaranteed to get a winner. An up to date major news report revealed that some motorbike shops nationally were selling vehicles without telling the purchasers about previous mechanical issues we were looking at well aware of.

That’s why a VIN search is so crucial. Let’s take a look at how it works…

Every car manufactured after 1981 has a 17-character Vehicle Identification Number. It is a lot like a fingerprint, and no two cars have the same one. Each letter and number in the VIN stands for something, identifying that particular car. It starts with the country of manufacture, the make and the model. The next few characters represent the restraint system, the line, the series, the body style and the engine. The tenth and 11th characters are the year your vehicle was made and the assembly plant.

Now the section of the vehicle identification that matters most when it comes to the VIN check is the last section of the sequence. Characters 12 to teen represent a car’s unique ID. There are no two cars in the world that share the same letter/number combination.

So, using the VIN, you can check the car’s full history, as all of the information about your vehicle from when it was first registered right up to the present day will be revealed. That way, you don’t have to rely on the word of the seller… you can see reality for yourself.

And what will a VIN search reveal?

Some of the red flags you will be able to find out about a used car you’re considering are a crash, theft, odometer rollback, police use, serious mechanical problems, reconstruction, fire damage and more. These are serious problems and obviously you won’t are interested a car with this kind of vehicle history.

Other important a look at your vehicle that will be revealed include DMV transactions, title coach transfers, and gas mileage tellings. It’ll also tell you the year your vehicle was made. This might sound inconsequential, but choosing surprised how many sellers try to pass off cars as later models than they actually are. So if that 2007 Taurus is actually a 2005, you’ll know right away. If the seller is lying about the year, they may be hiding other information as well.

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