Addictions To Gambling on the rise!

Over the past five years addictions to playing have cultivated at an accelerated rate. Not only adults, but teenagers are playing with out realizing the consequences. Most States including Connecticut have created agreements with Indian a reservation for self gain. The states are now realizing the negative impact the Indian casino a reservation are experiencing on poker88qq their taxpayers.

Playing is a silent addiction. Most people can go years with out anyone ever discovering that they gambled. Besides the local Casino’s people are now able to even gamble online.

With today’s modern technology, if you want to gamble you can if you have the resources. Once your resources are used up and you’re in financial trouble, you will quickly seek help. This is where many states are taking notice due to people claiming bankruptcy, not paying their state taxes, getting caught committing petty offenses and even suicide.

The I Stopped Playing So Can you website continues to receive alarming emails from friends family and the compulsive gambler. The site was made to help people associated with compulsive playing addiction.

The alarming rate in the rise of passionate individuals has caused the states to change what they are doing and how to help this message of the population. The individuals who sought help through various programs now know they are one of many. The unfortunate part is in most cases they are starting all over. If the States would reach out and help these people then the outcomes may be different.

If a person assumes a bar and is apparently intoxicated, the bartenders will never serve this person any intoxicating drinks and may even recommend a cab. At a casino, people use the cash machines until they can’t take out any more money. People cash checks and even take cash advances from their credit cards, but no one at the casinos is happy to intensify to the plate and help these people out.

I have talked with hundreds of people who excessively gambled. These people knew these were passionate and always planned to spend a specific sum of money. After coming to the casinos with all the lights, amazing features they chop down into a hypnotic trance and no longer had any control.

Once the gambler leaves the casino reality sets in. They now realize they’ve lost a lot of money. They ask themselves: How did this happen? They themselvesthey will never due this again just to repeat the same behavior patterns over and over until they hit bottom and lose everything. These people were spending anywhere from $100. 00 to $5, 000. 00 each week on their addiction. In a majority of these situations they realized they lost everything. Even with filing bankruptcy they still to be paid a significant amount in back taxes.

Nys of Connecticut receives revenues from their two Indian Run Casinos. If a taxpayer wins a Jackpot comparable to or greater than $1, 200. 00 and exists in Connecticut they will be susceptible to Connecticut State Tax. The Internal revenue service lets you deduct your earnings against your losses but not in Connecticut.

The various states are now realizing they created an issue, but are not happy to discuss it freely. Various news areas have been canceling the negative impact, but due to the revenues generated, no one is happy to intensify to the plate and help these people out.

Prior to the local authorities take action, many lives will continue to be destroyed.

Future articles will address the compulsive gambler, playing addiction and a search to find a solution to this growing problem.

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